After reading last week's article featuring the MVSD board candidates for zone 4, it seems more evident than ever that change and a fresh perspective are needed. Ms. Reidlen has the background, understanding of the challenges and an actual plan to bring some positive changes to the district. She brings a perspective that values engagement and collaboration with stakeholders and seeks to rebuild the public trust Mr. Dominguez has actively helped to undermine. Her focus is on the students first, as it always should be.

Mr. Dominguez, on the other hand, is hoping people's memories are short, and wants to make it all about some alleged left-wing agenda. Sorry Mike, but I think we voters have been watching as the current board goes from one misguided decision to another. We remember the tens of thousands of dollars you spent (and continue to spend) on a contentious, high-priced attorney rather than coming to the table yourself to negotiate in good faith with the district's teachers. We remember when you fired a capable and much respected teacher over the objections of the students, staff and community. We remember when you said the money wasn't there to have a P.E. program for the district's elementary students this year, but found the funds to pave a parking lot. We remember how this board has repeatedly sought to stifle public input and adequately address patrons’ concerns. Your record speaks loud and clear.

Fellow voters, it is time for change. This isn't a battle about right versus left, this is about right versus wrong.

Joe Tosten


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