A recent letter [Oct. 30 issue] from Rep. Paul Shepherd (“Political parties vital to governing process”) deserves examination.

First, it appears to have been directly lifted from a high school Civics 101 textbook. Second, why encourage voters, just one week before a non-partisan election, to “Go online to the party of your choice... and then make an informed decision on a candidate.” Is Rep. Shepherd inferring that the warm fuzzy blanket of ideology is relevant to voting for the candidate who most likely will do (or is currently doing) the best possible job for their respective city council or school board? Third, his statement that voters should “make an informed decision on a candidate; after they are elected you will have the ability to hold them accountable...” is a dubious platitude if applied directly to Rep. Shepherd. After many years as our House District 7B representative, does he actually have a list of specific accomplishments?

Next year would be a good time to actualize Civics 101 in District 7B.

Joe Cladouhos


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