Why is it that Democrats like to predict disaster? The "global cooling" of 30 years ago meant a new ice age, declining ecosystem diversity, death and destruction for mankind. The fix? Stop corporate industry! Then, 15 years ago..."global warming" (oops, our algorithms were wrong). The new predictions are: increased sea levels, floods, hurricanes, decreased ecosystem diversity, death and destruction for mankind. The fix? Stop corporate industry! Now, it is "climate change"(how convenient), with the same disaster scenarios.

Yet, an increase in carbon dioxide in our atmosphere from one-third of 1 percent up to a scary two-thirds of 1 percent will mean that the plants, upon which ecosystem diversity depends, should thrive. Plants need CO2 like animals need oxygen. The more the better.

And, why is it that a few degrees warmer would automatically mean disaster for the planet? Hasn't good ole Earth seen a bunch of temperature fluctuations over its lifetime? And, yet, biodiversity continued to increase.

God designed this planet to survive a few minor hiccups such as an increase in CO2 of one-third of 1 percent in our atmosphere.

A good volcano spits out more CO2 in one week than all our cars and trucks in a year.

The Forest Service continues to encourage burning the forests rather than harvesting the trees. Yet one good forest fire releases more CO2 than our whole timber industry produces in a year, and lumber "sequesters" carbon.

Al Gore, where are you?

Democrats may put in different words, but it is the same old tune...stop industry. And, if they can't ban it, then tax it to death to fund giveaway programs which purchase votes for Democrats (and, sadly, some myopic Republicans).

Keith Borgelt


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