It's difficult to run for a public office, any office. I respect anyone brave enough to allow public scrutiny. I need to correct Mr. Dominguez; politics does not belong in the school board. School board members are voted in for having the best ideas and experience, to make school a good learning environment for our children, and to figure out the best way we can keep great teachers! He called his opponent, Pam Reidlen, “a liberal.” To my knowledge, he has never met or spoken to her.

Mike Dominguez has had multiple serious lawsuits filed against him by his employees over several years. For the sake of brevity, I mention two: Case No. 2:13-cv-00153 Washington Eastern District Court, and Case 2:10-cv-00145-LRS. The similarities speak for themselves. Employees were promised a wage higher than received (some next to nothing). Did not receive a pay statement. Lived in substandard housing (including tents) yet were charged for housing. Worked overtime, but the Dominguez's failed to pay, as is required by FLSA. In one of the cases, Mike made threats that the employees would be fired as a result of the complaint. They were.

Enter in your search engine, “Five Star Forestry” and “Complaints,” you'll find more information.

You should really read these cases, folks. It'll make your stomach churn. After you read them, decide for yourself if this man has the moral character of someone you believe can make the right decisions regarding your child's education. Is Mike capable of the truth? Honesty and integrity are important. I have known Vinnie Martinez for more than 20 years and he has never lied to me. Dominguez has been going to or calling friends and neighbors, telling them untruths as to why Vinnie was not rehired.

Personal vendettas don't look good on anyone, especially public servants.

And wasn't it Casey Smith who called the Kamiah kids and their parents, “deadbeat freeloaders?”

It is possible to watch the board interact with the public: Central Idaho Education Association Facebook.

It's just a real good time for a change.

Karma Chambers


(Editor’s note: In checking the two cases provided with online court records, case 153 was dismissed and case 145 was resolved by the parties in an out-of-court settlement agreement.)

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