The votes for Mountain View School Board Trustee Zone 2 election have been counted and re-counted with no change from the original result. I accept that Casey Smith won by four votes and I ask that others accept this result, also. After learning on election night that a poll worker turned a voter away without voting, I reached out in this newspaper, the Lewiston Tribune and on my Facebook candidate site to determine if this had happened to others. Although other people from Grangeville and the surrounding area did contact me and/or the county clerk’s office to report not being allowed to vote, none of these people live in zone 2. Idaho statute defines that school board trustee voting is by zone and not districtwide. The one vote I would have gained would not have changed the result.

Zone 3 and zone 5 voters will have a chance to vote for your trustee in 2021. If you have questions, comments or concerns with any school board actions I encourage you to contact your trustee, Rebecca Warden for zone 3 or Brad Lutz for zone 5. You can find their mailing addresses, e-mail addresses and phone numbers on the Mountain View school district website. You can also call the SD 244 district office at (208) 983-0990 to get the contact info for any board member.

Next month the newly elected board members will be sworn in. They are accepting a huge responsibility. This includes “helping build support and understanding of public education and to lead the public to demanding better education” according to the Idaho School Board Association, (of which Mountain View School District is a member).

Zone 2 voters, it is Casey Smith’s job to represent all of us. I encourage you to contact Smith and share your thoughts on any school board actions. It is up to us to ensure that he does his job and hold him accountable when he does not. Mountain View students are counting on all of us!

Norma Staaf


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