The enumeration in the Constitution of original jurisdiction by the Supreme Court in all cases affecting ambassadors (Article III, Section 2, paragraph 2) cannot be dismissed.

Indeed, the history of emissaries dating back over 3,000 years, suggests that ambassadorial cases were very wisely taken out of legislative authority by the framers, and specifically assigned to the judiciary--the Supreme Court.

Unfortunately today, a hyperbolic partisan Congress refuses to abide or recognize Constitutional restraints. In such an environment, America's international interests and prestige are being indiscriminately wrecked by unrestrained partisans who seem indifferent to the Constitution.

The Schiff inquisition committee currently under way in the House of Representatives must be halted. It lacks constitutional authority to take up its subject, which affects ambassadors. By attempting to bring into House testimony matters that are constitutionally enumerated as being under the purview of the Supreme Court, Democrats have hitched their cart before the horse. It does not work that way.

To be constitutionally proper, the entire ambassadorial case which Mr. Schiff attempts to harness, must first be taken by the Supreme Court. The Constitution clearly states the court is the originating jurisdiction for all cases affecting ambassadors. Only then, upon the Supreme Court's hearing and ruling over this ambassadorial case (the Ukraine imbroglio) may this be properly brought before the House.

Were Republicans smart (a dubious preposition), they should raise a point of order upon Constitutional grounds with House Parliamentarian Thomas J. Wickham Jr. The Constitution is clear in its enumeration. Collateral damage being done to the entire architecture of international diplomacy by Schiff's partisan overreach broaches catastrophic. Not for nothing, the framers had valid reasons for putting ambassadorial cases under the court's jurisdiction.

Floyd W. Whitley

State Chairman, Constitution Party of Idaho


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