Recently, and this was on Veterans Day, a lot of veterans in our community gathered up and got recognized for their services to our great nation here at the high school in Grangeville. What is remarkable about these programs is that the time, effort, participation, rehearsals, and the due diligence put into the planning, and then bringing forward is truly a reward all in itself.

All of the veterans within this community often comment and wonder what lies in the following years --not for us, but for the next leaders in the high school gymnasium every year this form of appreciation takes place. "Are we making strides with these students?" and "Is this going to be a waste of everyone's time?" or "Do they care...?" On Monday, Nov 11, 2019, the event had a veteran from each conflict, starting with the Korean War and running consecutively with the Afghanistan war. That is several generations representing at least one high school across the country, and that is a lot of young men/women who went to serve the call for their country. I mention this because we all wonder if our freedoms will remain intact with this next generation of freedom fighters, or are we doomed?

During my keynote speech, I made mention to the student body and all in attendance that if they loved their country and defend it, please stand up! I think, for the most part, that we as Americans in this honest and yet humble community can rest easy knowing that our freedoms are secure, right now, and on the morrows for quite a very long time. (I know this because every student stood when asked: "Do you love America and your freedom...?")

Thank you again, Grangeville High, FFA, staff, educators, and the entire student body. Once again, you have humbled a lot of veterans again this year. We can't wait to see you again next year!

Lucky Gallego

director, Idaho County Veterans Outreach and Community Center; Marine veteran; Idaho County Veterans’ Service Officer

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