Difficult sickness affected our family this spring. I am thankful to family, friends and anonymous neighbors who have chosen self-reliance in their lives, despite obstacles, that allowed them the freedom to help if or when called. 

After 42 days in the hospital and several medical visits for the ensuing four-plus months, their assistance allowed me to work at times, maintain some independence, and give nursing care. I hardly slept for the first 50 days. Then, with help of friends, I felt strongly I was losing my health and I made adjustments.  This past month I’ve experienced some refreshing sleep again, due to improvements in recovery, but essentially due to friends and neighbors who have shared time and resources since Life Flight.

Without their self-reliant ways and skills, which allowed them to participate at different times and in different ways, I would not have been able to do recovery at home from surgery, for such a procedure has required 24/7 care for the past five months. It also helped me to avoid application for ‘government’ philanthropy which could have become a $1 million tax burden on neighbors.  Prior to Life Flight, Tina and I agreed that we wanted to avoid that situation…. It is better that men and women are not in bondage to each other. To freely give or assist versus to be made to participate due to confiscatory collections is the difference between freedom and slavery. I would say that self-reliant people are a liberated people, and when doing good, a godly people.

Scott Perrin


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