I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the new deal U.S.F.S. of the ‘90s that came up with prescribe burns and the let-it-burn policy. You have almost successfully destroyed what the preceding 300 years of common sense people created in regards to the local forest. (Don’t feel bad because common sense is a flower that doesn’t grow in your garden, just money for the agency).

The D.E.Q. has determined that forest burning is the number one source of carbon dioxide, which is the number one source of greenhouse gases. They have shut down businesses because of smoke discharged into the atmosphere. Cars and trucks have to meet strict emission standards. Yet, the U.S.F.S. openly defy this with prescribe burns and letting forest fire burn. Is the U.S.F.S. above obeying federal laws or are they permitted to do whatever they want as long it makes the agency money at the expense of destroying the national forests?

Not only is carbon dioxide a greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, water, and soil are the three things that are needed grow plants and trees. Consequently, thanks to the Forest Service creating huge amounts of carbon dioxide with their burns, the forests are getting overgrown till you can’t even walk through them. The worst problem is the fact that the forests are getting burned and there are no trees left to shade the ground. It is drying out quickly, and what snow we get melts quickly and runs down the creeks instead of leeching into ground and replenishing the aquifer. Consequently, the creeks run less water every year, which destroys fish habitat, to say nothing of the fact that when the water is gone, it is gone, as it cannot be manufactured.

Again, congratulations to the modern U.S.F.S. They have almost destroyed in 30 short years what the preceding 300 years of common sense people worked hard to create.

Leonard Wallace

New Meadows

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