I have served on the Syringa Hospital and Clinics Board of Trustees for just over nine years. Due to that service I feel I am in a very good position to know what the Board will need to see as new trustees following the upcoming elections. My votes will go to the following candidates and I urge you to vote for them as well.

Preston Funkhouser is a former Army officer and a federal investigator who volunteers for service on the National Ski Patrol, the Idaho County Search and Rescue team and teaches man tracking to law enforcement. He is an intelligent, insightful, committed man who will add his vast experience to the challenges facing the hospital in today’s turbulent environment. He will assure that the residents of the entire hospital district are honestly represented, and he will be a thoughtful advocate for the veterans of the area and their health care needs. We need Mr. Funkhouser on the board.

Barbara Essen is a well-known and respected commodity in the community who will bring her extensive experience serving that community. Her years working in the clergy with educational achievements in elementary education prepare her very well for representing the full range of family health care needs. Ms. Essen currently serves as a member of the Syringa chaplaincy giving her an inside look at the operations of the hospital. In addition, she attends almost every monthly board meeting as a public member, so she has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the board as the board deals with constant changes in payment for services, state and federal regulation modifications and competitive forces. She will hit the road running to the benefit of our hospital district residents and the visitors we serve.

Jim May is a current board member running for another term. Having worked alongside Jim over the last two years I have developed a deep respect for his courage to challenge the status quo, quickly grasp complicated concepts and speak for the entire Syringa Hospital District residents. He fully supports the first responders who meet the emergency needs of those living in the more remote parts of our community. Jim has had years of experience as the hospital foundation executive director for St. Mary’s and Clearwater Valley Hospitals' Foundation boards. Jim is a deep thinker and a complex concept man. He has done an excellent job serving Syringa Hospital and Clinics and he should be returned to his position to continue his excellent work.

Please join me in voting for these most excellent candidates.

Al Bolden

White Bird

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