The education of our young people is the most important issue facing the school board elections. Are we going to continue to teach them how to mislead, misdirect, ridicule, delay and confuse? Is that the leadership we want them to learn? What happened to integrity, transparency and concern for our community's future? The negative bubble surrounding the school board is counterproductive for students, teachers and community. When you fire, then rehire by creating a new position, that is not positive and transparent. When you continually delay and detract from "negotiations" in hopes it all goes away you are flushing integrity.

Don't be misled by the uninformed pushing conservative vs. liberal, or teachers’ union vs. the board... more distraction and misinformation. Review the evidence. Review the code of ethics they all signed. Attend a meeting. Something is amiss. Vote for our kids and the future. Vote for integrity and community. We can make education our highest priority and we can make a difference. "Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Steve Munson


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