Liberals have for years been destroying our education systems. Institutions of higher education are becoming such a joke with all the indoctrination by socialist professors that it’s pathetic. Destruction of our primary schools is quickly becoming that way.

 The most liberal organization in the world in my opinion, the ACLU, has for decades been working at eroding all the ethics and morality that they can. They have removed bibles from the schools, stopped prayer, eliminated the Pledge of Allegiance in most schools and seen to it that God and the 10 Commandments are banned.

The ACLU and the National Education Association (NEA) are two of a kind and work very closely with Planned Parenthood. The NEA is even a large contributor to that contemptible abortion provider using teacher membership fees to do so.

 Liberals are trying hard to make in-roads in Idaho County with little success so far. Having liberals making decisions for our precious children is the very last place they should be. There are already way too many of them in our local schools as it is.

Please vote Nov. 5 for Casey Smith and Mike Dominguez. I know both to be fine men with utmost moral characters and conservative values.

Gloria Taylor


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