Late last year, the local union representing the teachers of Mountain View School District sued “We the people” through the local school board. The suits were “violation of public records” and “violation of First Amendment rights.” Both appear to me to be nothing more than an embarrassment to the school trustees. A lot of name calling and nitpicking has gone on throughout the last year; see the union website (CIEA).  Among many other things, the suit asks for an award of their costs, fees, and other further relief the court may deem appropriate.

As I understand it, the board is covered by insurance for a limited amount. It is costing the insurance company money for lawyers to defend the board and the local taxpayers. Once the limit is reached, we start paying out of our pockets. Should the union prevail, we will also pay their lawyers, fees, costs, and other financial awards. 

I don't believe I will support the levy this year. I can’t vote for the levy or the nearly half-million-dollar increase while the teachers’ union is suing me and you. This is not right. Please let the union know how you feel by a no vote on the levy. Don’t award those who are suing, belittling and attacking our elected officials. Vote no on May 21st.

Bill and Janet Lane


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