This year the teacher’s union became quite indignant in their quest for higher pay and increased benefits. They filed several lawsuits against the district and hit MVSD trustees with a vote of no confidence. Now they want you to give the school district $3,090,048.

Mrs. McKinney’s opinion piece in February rambled on about a flawed salary schedule while also stating five times in the same article, “It is not about the money.” According to MVSD financials, the average cost per teacher is approximately $75,534. This includes salary, retirement, health care, life insurance and other benefits. This is an average. Some make less (newer teachers) while most make considerably more. Contracts are for 188 days; however, only 186 are accounted for. The two missing mysterious days cost the district $68,603. Union wants two additional sick days and one more personal day for a total of 16 paid days off. How is giving them more days off, more time away from the classroom, helping their students? Substitutes cost the district up to $197/day.

Mr. Schiebe stated the district spends $2 million on employee benefits; however, according to the 2018-19 school budget, the district allowed $3,732,900 for benefits. If Mr. Schiebe is correct, then the difference of $1.7 million should cover the shortfall he talked about and no need for the levy.

Soon you will start seeing signs stating the levy is for the children, save our kids. This is not true. This is about greed and power the union is trying to exert over the taxpayers.

Vote No May 21.

Mary Ann Blees


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