Wars are a means by which we weaponize words and actions in order to change populations through agents, agencies, lobbyists, capital, credit, and education. Media channels are used by intelligence groups or shadow government in implementing policies through crisis management.

As in the case of the civil war, the fraudulent "causi belli" was slavery, wherein today the globalists use racism, white privilege, and capitalism to extort western civilization and its nation states to pay reparations through climate change in order to enact a carbon tax and a global governing structure, both monetarily and fiscally. This is an attempt to pre-empt constitutional representation and enforce a planetary plantation econometric model onto the population using climate as one of its principal weapons against its critics and the people.

Fear or uncertainty and the belief in false doctrine which promotes socialism or progressivism, invariably results in death, deprivation, disease and destruction.

We are a nation of builders and the opportunities that are the hallmark found in the Bill of Rights and our founders and their documents, as guarantees to those willing to defend our nation, is expressed in natural law.

Wars must end to make America First.

Alfred Holden

White Bird

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