Political parties are vitally important to our governing process at all levels of government, from the national, state, county, city and even school boards.

Our political parties provide us with a recognized and organized effort to achieve the best possible governing process we can have. Without this organized effort, the media and/or the rich through the media would educate the public on the governing issues, to their benefit.

The political parties come from the grass-root level straight from the people. The main parties have a person elected every two years (the primary election) from each voting precinct (a precinct committee person). This person will represent to their party’s county committee, which in turn will send from that county committee representatives to the state committee, which will then send representatives to the national committee.

Each party level helps put together a party platform that describes the philosophy of their individual party as a guideline for candidates to follow on issues, when elected.

Go online to the party of your choice to see what the main party’s philosophy is on governing the people, and study their platform and then make an informed decision on a candidate; after they are elected, you will have the ability to hold them accountable as to how they govern, as in keeping with the philosophy of the party they choose to represent.

Representative Paul Shepherd

District 7B


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