"It’s hard to believe that the Christmas rush is now over, and 'The Night Before Christmas' is with us again! So, what better time to pause and consider the impact of His coming, in our own lives and in the world around us?

"An intriguing historical individual was this 'man' Jesus Christ! For like no other before or since, His birth was foretold long before in that most famous of all books, the Bible! And who else in our recorded history not only had an entire book to record both the events leading up to His coming, but His life and teachings since?

"How many others, we ask, caused early time itself to stop, and modern calibrated time to begin?"... ."Yes, it is a historical fact that this Hebrew carpenter's son has made more impact on civilization than any other individual! 'Born of a virgin,' and 'Son of God' we have been told. 'Rose from the Dead' and 'Ascended into Heaven,' it need be added.

"So, what should all of this mean to you and me?... Simply, that all who claim to be 'Christian' ... should one more time renew a pledge to follow in His footsteps!... Let us determine to put God and neighbor first in our lives... to bring peace on earth to men of good will...."

And as put in the poem years ago, let our prayer be:

"Oh Lord, on your birthday, please open our eyes. Help us appreciate America's prize, the freedom, the peace, the family and things, all of us have learned that Christmas brings. Open our hearts so your love can come in, please guard us, we beg you, keep us from sin. Help us resolve what we have we will share, for less fortunate folk, please teach us to care. Of you, dear Lord, we ask for help as we pray, that we do our part on this Christmas day, so that Christmas this year and forever will be, what it always has been for you and for me!

A happy and holy Christmas season for one and all!

Jake Wren


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