With spring approaching, many of us look forward to enjoying traditional summertime recreation. In fact, a lot of us equate the availability of good camping, fishing and hunting with our quality of life. But these recreations are rapidly fading with our population increase. Why then does the younger generation continue making babies like there’s no tomorrow, and the older generation continue to encourage them? And are all these kids being raised properly? Look at today’s headlines.

Do today’s young parents-to-be really understand and comprehend the immense responsibility they are about to assume? I don’t think so. And it’s because neither their parents, nor their clergy, nor their schools, talk and teach realistically about this most important subject.

How many high school graduates today realize it costs (somebody) a minimum of at least $50,000 to raise a child from birth just through high school?! That’s comparable to making new car payments for 18 years, and how many of these young couples can even afford that?

Today’s young people are raised and taught in a logic and commonsense vacuum that omits the most important knowledge needed to make decisions and live in the real world.

So, our United States’ population continues to increase by at least four million per year…that’s nearly 11,000 per day! And only a third of that increase is due to immigration. Our population has grown along with a large increase in lifespans to the point where couples having any more than one child actually cause a net increase in our population. (Source: U.S. Census Bureau.)

Can’t people think anymore? Or is it that they have been taught not to think, either directly or by omission? Even most animals know better than to foul their own nest!

How dense should people be?

Bob Walker


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