I am voting no on Proposition 2 — Here’s why.  A whopping 91,000 new recipients will qualify for Obama’s Medicaid Expansion in Idaho, paid for by working Idahoans. This estimate is tallied before considering how many more will maneuver their circumstances to get qualified for “free” medical care under the new rules. A more realistic number could be double the estimate as was confirmed by other states that have passed similar socialist programs and were blindsided by the staggering underestimation. This money grab from taxpayers will pay for medical benefits for adults between 18-64 years old making less than $17,000 like college students, those being supported by other working citizens, and otherwise able-bodied childless adults who are depending on family or others for free room and board. Prop 2 would allow them to continue their lifestyle with the additional perks of Medicaid.

I say, hoorah, for a country that provides for truly needy citizens and a system that already covers low income parents, their children 6-18 years, pregnant women, and disabled adults; but, Proposition 2 will take money from responsible, hard-working citizens and give it to those fully capable citizens who have learned how to avoid supporting themselves!

Marilyn Giddings

White Bird

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