Go have some fun at Oktoberfest. We insist.

That’s an easy order, but we have an ulterior motive for saying so. Participation helps this, and other such community events, thrive and continue.

The three-day Oktoberfest event is next week, Thursday through Saturday, Sept. 27-29, and it includes the standard fare of liquid refreshment and live music. But also included are scavenger hunts, kids’ chalk art, a Franken-cart show and wiener dog races, and more events and offerings throughout.

Your participation is a big deal. It’s a nice reward for organizers to see their labors recognized with bodies downtown, and such enthusiasm is an encouragement for them to plan ahead for the next celebration. It’s an incentive for businesses to continue to support future festivities when they see more bodies coming in the doors through the three-day event. More involvement in the various competitions – from dog races to scarecrow creations – creates a buzz of excitement, but more importantly the sense Grangeville is a unique community with spirit.

The need to participate in and contribute to our local celebrations and activities is good to reflect on at the close of our busy summer season where just about every weekend there was some shindig or gathering going on at all points across Idaho County.

Those events didn’t spring out of the ground but have been continually nurtured by a core group of harried volunteers who have pulled them together for years. When we fail to step up to help, to ease the load for these folks, and when we take them for granted, these events can die on the vine. The threat to the community here is in losing an opportunity to showcase what makes it special and celebrate its beauty, for its residents to reconnect in facetime rather than Facebook, and for supporting our local businesses that are critical to our viability as a town.

Looking to make your community a better place? Show up. That’s something you can toast to next week.

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