I would like to correct the statement made in the news article concerning the fatality accident on Highway 12 Aug. 2nd; Neither occupant of the explorer were wearing seat belts.

I do not know where this got started. It first appeared on KLER news on Facebook. I replied then to correct it, but it was still repeated by Lewiston TV and the newspapers.

We definitely were wearing seat belts, I never drive without it, and I have bruise lines across my abdomen and chest to prove it. I had unbuckled mine to check on Michael, and unbuckled his to try to get him out, before the first person came to the car to offer help. That person told me to get out because there was smoke; my knee collapsed, I fell on the ground and was there until the EMTs came and put me on the gurney.

No policeman ever asked me anything until I was in the hospital emergency room, then I gave him this statement.

I’m deeply offended by this untrue news statement, and I have enough regret and grief without this lie adding to the most tragic experience of my life.

Madelon Caren Gribble


(Editor’s note: As far as the source of this information, the statement regarding seat belt use, printed in the Aug. 8 story, was a direct quote provided by Idaho State Police.)

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