The Idaho Fish and Game Commission approved two proposals on Monday, Aug. 12, for review by the Governor’s Office:.

One would increase nonresident license and tag fees and the other would establish the commission’s authority to designate locations other than WMAs to stock pheasants and require an upland game bird permit to hunt them. The commission also adopted new rules that change gear requirements for wolf trapping. These proposals and rules would have to be approved by the Idaho Legislature to become effective next year.

If approved, the nonresident fees would include, in addition to vendor fee: an increase of the nonresident combination hunting/fishing license from $238.25 to $262.25; a nonresident hunting license increase from $153 to $183.25; a nonresident fishing license increase from $96.50 to $106.25; a nonresident deer tag increase from $300 to $350; and a nonresident elk increase from $415 to $650.

Other proposed nonresident fee increases can be read online at

Fish & Game commissioners also forwarded to the legislature a proposal that would remove the current rule that requires snare diverters for trapping gray wolves, but would allow diverters to be required in local areas to reduce bycatch at the commission’s discretion if deemed necessary. The wolf snare proposal also included adding rules that mandate cable stops and break- aways on wolf snares in order to allow nontargeted animals to escape if they’re accidentally snared.

The commission will meet again Aug. 22 at the new Southwest Region office in Nampa. The agenda is online at

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