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Angler input on proposed changes is important to help fishery managers understand angler preference and help shape fishing seasons for the next three years.

Idaho Fish and Game is asking for public comment on potential changes for the update of the fishing regulations booklet for next the three-year cycle (2022-2024).

Starting on Aug. 2, anglers can find a complete list of the proposals and their explanations on the Fish and Game website under “Public Comment” section, and comment on each of them. Comments will be taken until 11 p.m. MDT on Sunday, Aug. 29.

“Angler surveys like this are one of many steps we take when considering changes to fishing rules. It’s one way we can help ensure our fisheries program is providing what anglers want,” notes Lance Hebdon, Fish and Game’s Fisheries Bureau Chief.

The proposals are organized by each region, similar to the fishing regulations booklet. Anglers should review the proposals and answer the brief survey questions to show which options they prefer. In addition, some anglers may be randomly selected to receive a survey invitation by email about certain topics.

The Fish and Game Commission will consider all input on these proposed changes at the November meeting to set general fishing seasons and limits starting in 2022.

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