Camas Prairie Trapshooting Association

10-Week Shoot Week 1 (Jan. 10)

Teams: 1t, Wenatchee 75; 1t, Boise 75; 1t, Weiser 75; 1t, Wallace/Kellogg 75; 5, Cottonwood 74.14. Other local teams: 9, Grangeville 73.50; 22, Kamiah 67.

Grangeville (44 shooters)

Singles: AA: 25: Pepper Harman. 24: Brad Baker, Rod Behler, Jeff Kutsch, Tim Schumacher. A: 25: Ralph Kaschmitter. 24: Bambi Baker, Roy Hill, Mike Lerandeau, Jim McMahon, Ken Slabach, Jan Brannon, Jeff Farris. B: 24: Tim Kaschmitter. 23: Wendell Thomas, Jillian Hausladen. C: 23: Jack Bransford. 20: Kate McMahon. D: 20: Kimberly Kaschmitter. 11: Rachel Kaschmitter.

Handicap: Short: 24: Shelia Davenport. 23: Cody Aiken. Mid: 25: Brad Baker. 24: Roy Hill. Long: 23: Pepper Harman. 22: Neil Walstad.

Doubles: A: 48: Bill McMahon. 47: Pepper Harman. B: 47: Logan Schumacher. 43: Rod Behler, Roy Schumacher. C: 39: Jeff Kutsch. 38: Jeremy Harris.

Continentals: 22: Bill McMahon, Tom Felkel. 21: Jeff Kutsch, Darrell Howard, Brian Lorentz, Rod Behler.


(64 shooters)

25: Scott Jungert, Lowell Mader, Derek Schaeffer, Clint Reiner, Bob Lustig. 24: Darrel Uhlorn, Paul Forsman, Ryan Mader, Frank Spencer, William Goeckner.

Junior/High School: 22: Connor Forsman, Lane Mader. 21: Ben Gehring, Logan Wimer. 19: Tristan Mader, Quirt Goeckner, Eli Goeckner, Lane Lustig, Cash Uhlenkott, Trenton Lorentz.

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