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Here’s praying for you and wishing you a Merry Christmas. Boy, the year goes by fast! For those of you who enjoy seeing the wild elk herd sharing dinner with the horses, see photo. There appears to be somewhere between 35 and 40 in this photo.

I took these two photos within a few days of each other. The Elk City elk herd looks great. But the reality is that the introduced predator, the Canada gray wolf (which were never here in the first place), is back as well. There was a large (approximately 50 lbs.) black and gray wolf spotted a half mile from downtown Elk City near (not on) this dead elk on Elk Creek Road. (See photos)

I looked closer at the photo of the elk herd that I submitted for the article and saw two more bulls, albeit smaller than the other one. For those of you who know me well, I like house plants but don’t have a green thumb. All my many house plants are “survivors.” My husband gave me a couple of those small Phalaenopsis Orchid several years ago

Calving in the winter and early spring can be a challenge due to bad weather conditions and mud. Scouring calves at this time of year can also be a big concern for some operations.

As you can see by the photo, the Elk City elk herd looks pretty good! I get to see them a lot since I drive by them on my way to work at the hotel. The only time, obviously, that they aren’t there is in the heat of hunting season. The elk and the horses get along fine. In fact, when Tim feeds his horses, the elk just stand a little apart from the activity! Remember, these are not domesticated elk.

Flights are estimated to take about four weeks to complete, depending on weather conditions. The goal of these surveys is to assess population trends, and age and sex ratios. Survey results will provide information that will help managers decide future hunting seasons.