Ferdinand Veterinary Clinic

Ferdinand Veterinary Clinic is located at 312 Main St.

FERDINAND – Ferdinand Veterinary Clinic (FVC) may be located in a town with a population of 160, but the business services all of Idaho County and beyond.

The clinic is a full-service mixed animal veterinary practice. They provide preventative medicine, internal medicine, reproductive services, and surgery to small animals, horses, livestock, camelids and exotics.

Doctors of veterinary medicine at the clinic include Kim Heezen, Liz Bolan, Megan McLaughlin and Virgil L. Frei.

Dr. Liz Bolan

Dr. Liz Bolan is employed at Ferdinand Veterinary Clinic.

Dr. Bolan is one of the newest veterinarians at FVC, joining on in 2017. Her parents may have never expected their daughter to end up in Idaho, but that dream was in her head long ago.

“I always wanted to live in the mountains,” she smiled.

Born in Tampa, Fla., to a U.S. Air Force family, Bolan grew up in Florida and Virginia before settling with her parents and younger siblings in Germany.

“I guess my parents are to blame for my love of animals – they took us to the Tampa zoo and Busch Gardens a lot when we lived in Florida,” she smiled.

Upon graduation from high school, Bolan returned to the U.S. and settled near relatives in Kansas. She attended Kansas State University where she studied animal science, immunology and music, as well as earned her equine certificate. She then went on to the university’s veterinary school for four years.

Following completion of her DVM, she worked at a clinic in Johnson, Kan., prior to its closing. She began seeking a job and found out about Dr. Virgil Frei’s clinic in Ferdinand.

“My family would have liked for me to perhaps move a little more toward the Eastern part of the U.S.” she laughed. “But I had completed an externship in Driggs, and I really liked Idaho.”

So, she flew out for an interview, was offered the job, and moved to Idaho County in the summer of 2017. Making the move with her were her pet bird she inherited from the closing clinic in Kansas, and her now-14-year-old horse, Lightning.

And the Idaho air has been good for her.

“People in Kansas always said I looked about 16 – but here it’s been 12,” she laughed. “I’m getting younger and younger.”

“I treat all animals,” she said, “But I especially like the exotics, as well as horses and cattle. I really love birds of all kinds, too.”

She said she has been expanding her skills and “learning a lot.”

When she isn’t working, she enjoys English Saddle riding, hiking and music. She also plays piano and clarinet.

Dr. Bolan can be reached at the clinic at 208-962-3300, or stop by 312 Main St., Ferdinand.

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