Randy Berg

GRANGEVILLE – Have you ever thought about how great it would it for your pet to have health insurance, much in the same way you do?

That thought can be a reality.

Randy Berg’s Farmers Insurance in Grangeville offers pet policies.

“Our main target group are cats and dogs,” Berg explained. “And just as it does for humans, the policies vary based on a variety of areas.”

Pet insurance provides coverage when a pet needs medical care for unexpected accidents, illnesses, emergency care and every day conditions as well as provides coverage for routine and preventative care.

“I have a friend in Lenore who has both his dog and cat insured, and he swears by it,” Berg said.

Coverage is by the company Pets Best. Berg put in on-line details for his office mascot and beloved chihuahua, Gypsy, who is 6 years old, and plans popped up from $34.07 to $41.59 per month.

“The younger your pet is when you start the policy, the cheaper it is, much like insurance for a human,” Berg said. “It can be real peace of mind, especially for a breed that may be predisposed to certain health conditions.”

Deductibles vary, and different plans can include the above-mentioned unexpected incidents as well as spay/neuter, teeth cleaning, rabies, flea and tick prevention, Vaccinations, wellness exams, heart work test, blood, fecal and parasite exams, microchips, urinalysis, deworming and prescriptions.

Instant quotes are available online at https://www.farmers.com/per-insurance or by calling Pets Best at 1-877-464-6542. Reference your Farmers Insurance ID for 5 percent off. Those interested can also stop by and see Berg at 112 Main Street, Grangeville; call 208-983-1640; or e-mail rberg@farmersagent.com.


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