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Makenna Pineda.

GRANGEVILLE — “I love it there,” 11-year-old Makenna Pineda said of her school. She is a sixth grader this year in Mrs. Hauger’s class at Cornerstone Christian Learning Center.

“Spelling is my favorite,” she smiled.

“She is a phenomenal reader, and I think that has really built up her vocabulary,” Mom Ashley said.

Currently, the list of her favorite books includes Anne of Green Gables and the Little House series.

When Makenna isn’t in school, she spends time with her 9-year-old brother, Bryden, as well as her mom, dad, Jake, and stepmom, Jen.

“I love art and I really like to draw and paint and color,” she said, showing some of her artwork.

Listing “doing chores” as one of the more difficult things in her young life, she said this includes vacuuming, dusting and helping to unload the dishwasher.

“But she always does those tasks with no problem,” Ashley shrugged.

One household duty Makenna thoroughly enjoys is kitchen time.

“I like to cook and bake,” she said.

She recently finished her first year of 4-H with Crazy Critters 4-H Club where she completed the cake decorating project.

“I got a blue ribbon,” she grinned. Someday, she said, she might like to be a professional cake decorator.

Her favorite food is a cheeseburger, and whether made at home or purchased at a restaurant, she said she never tires of them. She also finds lasagna and carrots tasty.

Makenna also enjoys her time with Girls Rejoice group through the Grangeville Church of the Nazarene, as well as spending time assisting in growing and harvesting the family garden, and spending time with the family pets: cat, Marshmallow, and dog, Holly.

Makenna describes herself as, “artistic and funny,” and her mom throws in “caring.”

“She is always very thoughtful and kind, thinking of other people and animals,” Ashley said.

During the past summer she attended camp for the first time and also accompanied her dad on a trip to Colorado. However, the biggest trip of her lifetime is occurring this month. Her entire family — mom, brother, dad, stepmom and she — are traveling out of the country.

“We’re going to Jamaica,” her eyes gleamed. “I am so, so excited.”

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