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With 64 entries and 32 teams, by payout, team roping was the biggest event at the 110th Grangeville Border Days, as the headers and heelers won a combined total of $8,455 during the three-day event July 1-3.

GRANGEVILLE — With just one qualified ride and a pile of ground money in the pot, Mossy Waite took $2,389, which was the top payout at the 110th annual Border Days Rodeo earlier this month.

First place in breakaway roping, team roping, saddle bronc riding and tiedown roping also paid out more than $1,000, with the top three breakway placers all cracking four digits and with four team ropers — two pairs of headers and heelers — all in the big money.

Lindsey Felton and Katie McFarlane split first and second place with catches in 2.0 second in the breakaway, three-tenths faster than Quincy Pendergrass. Those three-tenths ended up making a difference of about $300 in the payouts, as Felton and McFarlane each booked $1296, per, while Pendergrass ended up with $1,025.

A three-tenths difference was worth about $200 in the team roping, as Dillon Holyfield and Breck Ward booked $1,225 apiece and Jared McFarlane and Taylor Duby got $1,014.

With a 78 points on his ride, Noah Jones scored $1,052 in the saddle bronc, and with an 8.4 second catch, Chase Joyce tied up $1,033 in the tiedown.

All together, the pro barrel racers won more than $4,200 in what was the rodeo’s third-biggest main event by payout, and the top dollars — $927 of them — went to Cambria Estep, who closed the clover in 17.613 seconds.

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