Bulldog of the Week

Camden Barger

Early this season, Grangeville beat Lapwai for the first time in an aeon — a win GHS freshman Camden Barger ranked right up with the team’s recent tournament victory over Ririe. GHS didn’t win a trophy, but did size up what they would have to overcome to win a 2A state championship.

“Seeing all the other girls my age, and kind of comparing our team with other teams ... and knowing for the future we could actually win a state championship — that was really cool,” she said Tuesday, Feb. 19.

Soda Springs proved itself the powerhouse once again. “We knew Soda Springs was No. 1 in the power ranking,” Barger said. “We started watching film and were like ‘Holy cow.’ They have three good guards and two good posts, and they’re seven deep. We knew if we were going to compete with them, we would have to work harder and harder.”

Putting in extra effort has been a hallmark of her season. As a freshman starting for a varsity team coached by her mom, Michelle Barger, Camden has known she would have to prove herself — and her place in the starting lineup.

“I knew from the beginning of the season I’d have to put my extra 10 percent in,” she said.

The coach hadn’t said much to the press about her daughter’s superlative play this year, but had this to say after Grangeville beat Ririe:

“I’ve got to give credit one time to my daughter,” Michelle Barger said. “She grew so much from that first quarter against Soda Springs to this game. All my young players did.”

The other 2A contenders should take notice.

This Bulldog of the Week athlete highlight is brought to you by: Asker’s Harvest Foods.

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