Camden Barger photo

Camden Barger.

Having played the New Plymouth girls for third place at the 2A state tournament last February, Grangeville got an early look at one of the basketball teams that pencils as a strong trophy contender this season — and, last week, the Bulldogs beat them. Much of the scoring ended up at the hand of senior guard Camden Barger, but flowed from a team effort that saw GHS outperform at almost every turn. “It does feel good, especially after last year when they beat us,” Barger said. “It felt good just to get that first win under our belt. Their big post was physical, and very strong in there. We knew that she would be back again to play, so we kind of have been practicing for her all week.”

The seniors on the squad — Barger, Macy Smith, Talia Brown, Bella Dame, Cameran Green and Bailey Vanderwall — have the squad aiming to get back to the state tournament and compete for the 2A title this year.

Before Grangeville again takes on state-caliber competition this weekend, the Bulldogs had a trip to McCall Nov. 16. “Obviously we’re not going to overlook them," Barger said, "but our main concern this week is Melba, who is the defending state champ, and then Parma. Melba just beat Parma by three on Saturday. I think we’re all anxious to play. We’re excited, and I think that this game coming up will really just attest to how we will do at the state tournament. Who’s going to deserve that number one ranking?”

GHS visits Melba Nov. 19 and Parma Nov. 20, then prepares for the Idaho County Shootout Dec. 3 against Prairie.

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