Tom Reynolds

Tom Reynolds

“I told everybody before the game I was going to hit something big,” Grangeville High baseball standout Tom Reynolds told the Free Press of his home run during the Bulldogs’ season opener last Tuesday, March 10. “I told my teachers. ... I just felt it.”

Reynolds had been hit by a pitch during his first plate appearance, third in the order, during the top of the first inning. The Bulldogs hit around, bringing up Reynolds to lead off the second. He tagged one over the fence in right-center field at Clearwater Valley.

“I got that pitch and it was like ‘See ya later,’” he said. “I just hit it really hard. It was a fastball, right down the pipe.”

Reynolds said he was happy with the way the whole team hit. “Last year, we lacked hitting, a little bit, and it’s good to see, because with Chase [Adkison] out of the mix, we’re going to have to fend for ourselves.”

Reynolds said the team came into the season better prepared. “Blake Schoo and Gannon Garman, both those guys have come in ready to play. I think they put some time in throwing and hitting during the off-season.” He also pointed out a play in the outfield by Caleb Frei.

Reynolds said his own preparation involved working with the LC Twins, but that he put a high priority on getting coached by David Adkison, Chase’s dad. “Most coaches have a certain way they want you to do it, but Dave really helps you find your swing.”

For Reynolds, baseball is his main sport of the year, so the potential loss of the spring season hurts. Games through April 5 have been called off.

“Maybe we’ll get lucky with that,” he said. “Maybe.”

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