Grangeville senior Dalaci Scheuerman was poised to move from the outfield to the infield to play third base this softball season.

"I thought we’d have been a great team this year,” she told the Free Press. “A lot of us have been playing together for a long time and this would have been our final year together — and then we had a bunch of new great players on the field, as well.”

Scheuerman pointed out the determination that fellow seniors Cassie Chandler and Paige Layman have brought to the squad.

"It flows onto others on the team,” she said. “It made Paige a great team captain.”

They’ve been playing together for a long time. Scheuerman grew up playing youth ball since age five and said one of her highlights during her four years with the high school team came during her freshman year.

“I hit a grand slam,” she said. “I don’t really remember much about it, with the adrenaline rush and everything you get from that. But I do remember that my teammates were very happy that we got some runs on that. … When I'm up at the plate, it’s somewhat nerve-racking, but then you get lucky enough to get that perfect pitch. Or even if you don’t get the greatest hit, I’m always so glad when it gets a runner to home plate.”

This season would have included the chance to introduce her younger sister, KenniDee, to the high school team as a freshman.

"I am the shy, quiet one,” Delaci said. “I have to say my softball highlight was, when I caught a ball in the outfield and ran to the bench and got all these pats on the back. There's a sense of victory, and how they cheered me on.”

“Even if I didn’t catch the ball and I was upset with myself, my teammates have still cheered me on, saying, ‘Next time you’ll get it.’ They encouraged me. They’ve encouraged me in my art also and wanted me to sign the sweatshirts we were going to wear this year.”

Delaci has plans to attend Academy of Art Institute.

“I've had this talent to draw and I really want to improve my skills in the art department,” she said. “I’ve been excited about art since I was born. Or, well, I've been drawing since I was six months old, so probably then.”

She has done shirt designs and logos including softball shirts and homecoming posters this year.

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