Macy Smith

Grangeville sophomore Macy Smith made three three-pointers during the one-sided win GHS booked last Saturday night in Grangeville.

Smith (11 points), Camden Barger (14) and Colby Canaday (13) all scored double-figures.

Balanced scoring and double-figure margins of victory have been business as usual for the Bulldogs, who on average scored 53 points per game prior to the holiday break, while allowing 36.

No single one of her three-pointers stood out to Smith in hindsight, she told the Free Press, crediting a group effort for the win.

“I thought everyone played well,” she said, “especially coming back from break. We all came together and worked really hard. It was a good game.”

McCall had played Grangeville within 14 points earlier in the season. GHS led Saturday’s game by 30-plus throughout the second and third quarters, after Smith and Barger made several three-pointers in quick succession late in the second quarter.

Smith said the team’s focus was to “keep playing our game, doing what we do, working hard, listening to coach and not letting the score get to your head” after the score got out of hand.

“Bailey [Vanderwall] and Camden are always super-awesome on defense and offense,” she said. “Our posts — Colby, Talia [Brown] and Zoe [Lutz] — always work really hard and do well as well.”

With league games coming up starting this Thursday at Orofino, Smith said the team is practicing defense and “getting ready to work hard and play hard.”

This Bulldog of the Week athlete highlight is brought to you by: P1FCU.

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