Harris-to-Bush connection keys Bulldogs win at McCall

Tescher Harris

Grangeville quarterback Tescher Harris was an offensive specialist last fall. He’s playing defense, too, this fall, and for that reason GHS head coach Jeff Adams has talked of having two passers in the fold this fall.

With five touchdown passes last Friday night, Harris picked up right where he and the GHS receivers left off last fall.

“Our offense was different at football camp than it is now,” Harris said. “We’ve learned a lot this year, but we’ve had a lot of experience.”

Grangeville’s passing plays and as well as a run designed to get Brandon Stump outside both produce big results against Moscow.

“Our receivers — Booker Bush and Blake Darr — no one can stop them,” Harris said. “It’s pretty easy, knowing those guys are going to be open. The hard part is knowing where to put the ball to get it to them and not the other team.”

Harris praised blocking that let him step into his throws all night. “The offensive line did great,” Harris said. “There was one play I got hit from the back — it was a blitz and the play wasn’t designed to stop it. It was a mistake by me — I should have read the linebackers. The line’s doing great.”

He said the seniors made and kept a commitment to work out together.

“We were in the gym, during the week, every morning,” Harris said. “That’s just what we did.”

Nampa Christian is coming to Grangeville for a 7 p.m. kickoff Friday night, Aug. 31. “Last year, they couldn’t stop Noah Kaschmitter on the run or passes to the seams,” Harris said. “Maybe that will work again.”

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