Camas Prairie Trapshoot (Jan. 13)

Singles: AA 25 Rod Behler, Neil Walstad, 24 Josh Bransford, Tom Felkel, Pepper Harman, Tim Wilson. A: 25 Kirk MacGregor, 24 Bob Abbott, Steve Kaschmitter, Dale Wemhoff. B: 25 Jeff Farris, 23 Sheila Davenport, Kevin Hake, Zack Stewart. C: 25 Cody Aiken, 24 Matt Prewett, Sara Corder. D: 23 Wyatt Aiken, 22 Kim Harman.

Handicap: Short: 24 Cody Vrieling, 22 Bambi Baker, Macenzie Farris, Jeff Farris, Mike Lerandeau. Mid: 25 Roy Schumacher, 23 Dale Wemhoff, Logan Schumacher. Long: 22 Tim Wilson, 21 Tom Felkel, Al McCulley.

Doubles: A 44 Pepper Harman, 43 Brian Lorentz. B: 47 Roy Schumacher, 43 Bob Aiken. C: 42 Logan Schumacher, 40 Bambi Baker.

Continentals: 23 Tom Felkel, 22 Josh Bransford, Jeff Farris.


Camas Lanes (Jan. 7-14)

Monday Morning Ladies: Bookworms-Marlene Hicks-103-299 Spare Change-Lynn Sonnen-182-485 All Stars-Diane Balch-155-403 Jolly Jokers-Nancy Burg-157-405 Misfits-Brenda McRoberts-190-457Cottonwood Bowlerettes- Bud’s Power Sports-Laura Lockett-175-444 Cross Continuous Rain Gutters-Lynette Miller-179-434 Shirley Bower-147-380.

Tuesday Night Ladies: Gortsema Motors-Theresa Aiken-159-448 Gma Jo’s Dream Girls-Jolene Serrano-130 Marie Hinkson-349 Super 8-Linda Sonnen-155-412 Eagles Aux. #539-Val Stone-137-369 Camas Lanes-Brenda McRoberts-174-505.

Thursday Merchants: Camas Body Shop-Joe Walter-203-557 Camas Lanes-Casey Wilsey-202 Mike Wilsey-202-242-579 Marek Trucking, LLC-Dave Kretschmer-158-436 Far North Brokerage-Chuck Arnzen-207-568 Roc-Dis-Town Music-John Burkenbine-190-522 Idaho Forest Group-Joe Savage-204 Jay Daniels-200-535 Bell Equipment-Mike Sonnen-215 Chad Biebow-231 Louie Serrano-208-237-639 Walco, Inc.-Randy Fischer-192-541.

Friday Mixed: Slop Shots-Lyman Gilmore-193-543 Lane Rockets-Mary Rhodes-125-335 Lickety Splits-Casey Wilsey-158 Wade Peterson-394 Hook ‘EM-Stephan Peters-190-467 Randy’s Rollers-Doug McRoberts-179-493 Off the Wall-Brenda McRoberts-169-480

Sunday Mixed: Just Plain Luck-Alta Clark-137-378 R.A.D.-Doug McRoberts-201-577 L. L. & M.-Mike Sonnen-193-531 44MAG- Ken Kalmbach-204-540 Splits Happen-Bob Aiken-202-237-604 Laughing 10 Pins-Louie Serrano-208 Cheyenne Hudson-202-207-226-635 The 3 Gs-Paul Gilmore-235-559 The Missing Links-Brenda McRoberts-169-472.

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